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Ten installation tips for laying artificial grass

Laying artificial grass in your garden comes with many benefits. Choosing to install

an imitation lawn instead of planting real grass will instantly transform your outdoor

space, making your garden easy to maintain, hassle-free, and stunning at any time

of the year.

The team at Grand Oak Landscaping have been laying artificial grass, or Astroturf, for many years and we regularly use our products in our clients’ gardens. Before laying artificial grass in your garden, read our step-by-step guide.

When selecting your artificial grass rolls, you need to consider what it will be used


  • Is it for children and/or pets to play on?

  • Do you plan to sit on the grass?

  • Which shade of green will best suit your garden?

  • Will the grass be used in a high traffic area?

  • Are 2m or 4m wide rolls best suited for your space?

The answers to these questions should narrow down your product choices, allowing

you to select from essential, premium or trade grass rolls in the shade of green most

suited to your garden.

Why choose artificial grass?

Artificial grass is extremely versatile, as it can be laid over concrete, paving slabs or

in place of a natural lawn. Imitation lawns work especially well in a shady garden

where real grass won’t grow and on sloped gardens which lawn mowers cannot

reach. We offer nationwide delivery on all our products and our artificial grass rolls

come with a 10-year warranty.

To help you select which product is best for your garden, you can order our free

samples and you should also consider our top tips.

Top ten tips for laying artificial grass and caring for your imitation lawn:

  1. If you are laying your grass rolls on top of concrete, make sure there is sufficient drainage.

  2. When laying fake grass in place of real grass, make sure you dig out to a depth of between 10-40cm.

  3. Spread a base layer of Type 1 aggregate, followed by a layer of screened/levelled 1-4mm limestone and smooth out any lumps or bumps.

  4. To prevent weeds when laying onto soil, place a geotextile non-woven membrane underneath the grass rolls.

  5. Use joining tape to bond your rolls together.

  6. To prevent your grass from moving around, use Aquabond artificial grass adhesive.

  7. 7. Secure the edges of your grass rolls with composite batons or concrete edging blocks.

  8. Ensure the imitation grass pile is always facing the same way, unless you specifically want a stripy lawn.

  9. Never place hot items such as BBQs or fire-pits on your artificial lawn.

  10. Do not park your car, van or caravan on artificial grass.

Why order your artificial grass rolls from us?

We can supply everything you need for laying artificial grass from our online shop.

Please contact us today for a free, no obligation quote, fully tailored to your garden

size, needs, and requirements. Complete our enquiry form, send us an email, or give

us a call on 01793 547013.

If you would like us to lay your artificial lawn, we offer this service to customers in the

Swindon and North Wiltshire area. Please visit our landscaping website.