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Pros and cons of artificial versus real grass

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Would you like to create an easy-care, flexible, and hardwearing lawn? Then artificial grass could be your best option. Before you decide if fake grass, or Astroturf is right for you, read our pros and cons.

Artificial grass pros

  • Highly durable

  • Weatherproof

  • Evergreen

  • Value for money in the long run

  • No pesticides or fertilizers needed

  • Easy to install

  • Low maintenance

  • No need to water it

  • You don’t need a lawnmower

  • Mud free

  • Pet friendly

  • Won’t fade

Artificial grass cons

  • No natural environment for insects

  • No fresh grass smell

  • Made using synthetic fibres

  • Higher initial cost

  • Disposal after use

  • Eventual replacement required

  • Can get hot in the summer

  • Possible chemical run-off when it rains

  • Can contain bacteria if not maintained properly

Low maintenance artificial grass is great for anyone who can’t or doesn’t like gardening. Perfect for pet owners, hard-to-reach areas, and, as it is hardwearing, great for children’s play areas and under trampolines. Also, as there is no need to water it, you can relax whenever you are away on holiday, because your lawn will stay perfect, whatever the weather.

If you are looking for a good quality artificial grass for your garden, we can help. With our personalised area calculation service, a 10-year warranty and free samples, we’ve made it easy to choose which fake grass product is best for your garden.

We are nation-wide suppliers of artificial grass rolls that can instantly transform your garden. To find out more or order your free samples, get in touch with our friendly team today via our enquiry form.

Artificial grass versus real grass

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