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Our top ten hints and tips for installing a deck

Installing a deck in your garden can really transform your outside space and improve the way in which you use your garden. There are many considerations that can influence the size, shape, location, decking materials and supporting structure of your deck. Here are our hints and tips for designing and installing your deck.

As experienced landscapers, we have created stunning decks for our clients from composite decking that maximises their usable outdoor space and creates exciting al fresco entertaining areas or suntraps. For more information on how to install composite decking, read our full guide.

When designing your deck, you need to decide what its main function will be:

  •  Are you planning to use it for parties or BBQs?

  •  Is it for your children to play on?

  •  Do you want a fire pit?

  •  Will it feature static seating?

  •  Does it need to match any other features in your garden?

The answers to these questions should help you to choose the size, support structure, railing style and colour of your deck.

When choosing where to install your new composite deck, you first need to establish:

  • Is the ground level or sloped?

  • How much sun will it get and at what time of the day?

  • Will it be overlooked?

  • Is the ground underneath it firm?

  • Will it be stand-alone or next to your house?

You will need to factor in the answers to all of the questions above when choosing the location of your deck. For example, when installing a deck, you will find that soggy ground will not be stable enough to support a robust deck.

Choosing your materials

Once you have chosen your size and location, you can then select the decking material and colour. We recommend composite wood decking, because it’s sustainable and durable. Our decking is made from 60% recycled plastic and 40% recycled wood, comes with a 10-year warranty and UV protection. This is why our composite decking will last two to three times longer than traditional wooden decking.

To help you chose the right composite decking boards for your project, we offer free samples.

Our top ten hints and tips for installing a deck
  1. Allow a gap of 3-4mm between each decking plank for rainwater runoff.

  2. For a deck next to your house, ensure it is 15cm below the damp-proof course and do not cover any air bricks.

  3. Use structural treated timber or composite joists for your decking frame with a maximum 40cm span between each joist.

  4. Allow for good ventilation under the decking to prolong the life of the framework.

  5. Lay anti-weed fabric over the whole area to be decked to help prevent weeds from growing through the decking.

  6. Where possible order the correct length boards, to help you reduce the amount of cutting required.

  7. Use composite decking edge trim for a neater finish.

  8. Order the appropriate screws and fittings designed to work with composite decking.

  9. If you are using a wooden frame, we would recommend the use of 'Deck Tape' on the joists to give extra protection from wet and damp weather.

  10. Make sure you have all the necessary materials, tools and protective equipment before you start the job.

Why order your composite decking from us?

We can supply everything you need for installing a deck that does not splinter or fade from our online shop.

Please contact us today for a free, no obligation quote, fully tailored to your garden

size, needs, and requirements. Complete our enquiry form, send us an email, or give

us a call on 01793 547013.

If you would like us to install your composite deck, we offer this service to customers

in the Swindon and North Wiltshire area. Please visit our landscaping website.

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